The aim of the project is to improve the universities’ educational offer by developing and testing an innovative course entitled „I’m a Startup – I, Student & Entrepreneur„. It enables to develop students’ key competencies (universal skills) with the use of Design Thinking approach as well as business model thinking mindset (thinking in terms of the business model of enterprises and personal business models). Project products will improve teaching processes by adapting study programs to current labor market requirements and implementing a study program design approach based on career canvas.

The most important project results:

  • Program & content of the course „I’m a Startup – I, Student & Entrepreneur”
  • Job position / occupation Canvanizing Body of Knowledge
  • Canvas catalog for new majors and related professions along with the GoldenReads catalog
  • Catalog of key skills with guides for their development
  • Podcast library with specialists in newly developed canvas
  • Curriculum of workshop for academic staff members – OMNI-BEAST Academy

Data realizacji projektu: 01.11.2020 - 28.02.2023

Program z którego finansowany jest projekt: Erasmus+