The aim of the project is to establish international cooperation in order to adapt the Business Model You (BMY) and Degign Your Life (DYL) approaches to the needs of individualization and creation of learning paths and career planning, as well as to develop a methodology on the process, techniques and methods for individualization of learning paths and careers for universities. The main target groups are researchers implementing the work under the project, university management, students and employees of career offices or human resources departments.

The main results:

  • Student Purposeful Development Toolbox – A catalog of techniques and methods for individualizing educational pathways and career planning. The catalog will contain a set of appropriately selected techniques and methods supporting the stages of empathization/introspection, ideation, prototyping and testing in the process of individualization of educational paths.
  • Methodology for planning didactic processes oriented at increasing correlation between educational results and labor market requirements. The methodology will be a result of the process of adaptation of the Designing your life (DYL) and Business Model You (BMY) approaches.
  • A repository of Lessons Learned and a reference model of methodology for individualization of educational content and career planning.
  • Results of dissemination activities (publication of a scientific monograph summarizing the conducted research, participation in scientific conferences, organisation of a conference summarising the project).

Data realizacji projektu: 01.10. 2019 - 30.09.2022

Program z którego finansowany jest projekt: Erasmus+